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Personalized Fleece Baby Blanket

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All Personalized Baby Gifts are Created & Shipped in 10 Business Days or Less (rush orders available upon request). 

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Personalized Fleece Baby Blankets. Destined to become baby's favorite comfort object. This cozy satin-bound fleece personalized baby blanket is top quality! They wash like iron and will withstand years of loving.  Ultra-soft and light weight it measures 36" by 48".  

Blanket personalized with baby's full name over the embroidered design with the date of birth below the design. 

Blanket Color: Light Pink, Light Blue and White. 

Design: Select any design from the "See All Designs" Page. 

Lettering: Select Color

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jennifer , 10/01/2014

Hello Alison-I just wanted to say "thank you" for another wonderful baby gift!! You are always the first one I think of whenever a friend or family member has a baby. We received one of your blankets as a gift more than 8 years ago for our son. Tattered and torn from all the loving, It is still very much a treasured item. Thank you again for your beautiful blankets.

Reviewed by McKenna P, 07/15/2011

i have had my blanket for 12 years and i will never let it go!:)

Reviewed by Susan , 10/27/2010

I have been giving this gift for a over 10 years and I hear over and over how much the gift is appreciated, used and loved (after all these years).

Reviewed by Anne , 10/19/2010

We have been ordering these baby blankets for our clients who have new babies for over 10 years. Everybody just loves them and we hear about how much the gift is appreciated over and over. Babyobaby makes it so easy to look so good!

Reviewed by Anya , 10/07/2010

This is such a wonderful gift! We received one of these blankets when our son was born. It meant so much to see his official name and date of birth embroidered. It quickly became his favorite blanket and now, almost 4 years later, I wonder if we will ever get it way from him. We doubt he will take it to college with him but, sometimes we wonder. Thanks

Reviewed by Kathryn , 09/11/2010

My daughter absolutely adores this blanket! She is almost 6 years old and still sleeps with it every night. Thank you for making such a wonderful and long lasting keepsake. We will never ever let this one go.

Reviewed by Jenna , 06/23/2010

Thank you for such a wonderful blanket! My daughter received one as a gift when she was born. Over six years later and she is still loving it each and every time she goes to sleep. I've wanted to thank you thousands of times and am finally getting around to it.
P.S. I just ordered one for our brand new nephew. I know it will be a hit and I am so happy to "share" this truly wonderful gift!

Reviewed by Sandy , 05/26/2010

We have been giving this blanket as a corporate baby gift for at least the last 8 years. It is so easy to order and WOW how they are appreciated. I get a kick out of seeing the reaction when we present them. Thank you Alison for such a wonderful gift!

Reviewed by Leanne , 05/02/2010

We love this blanket. Our company has been giving this to our employees for years. They are always appreciated. We often see the blankets years later, still in use and obviously loved. Thanks for making it all happen.

Reviewed by April , 03/30/2010

Thank you for following my "Special Instructions" the colors are perfect and I know my brother is going to go ape****! I'm sure my nephew will come to love the blanket just as much. It looks great!

Reviewed by Susan , 03/22/2010

Allison, The blanket was even more beautiful in person. We presented it to our Pastor and his wife on Sunday and they were very very touched. Thank you for making this blanket so special.

Reviewed by Jeanne , 03/11/2010

It has been a long time since I needed a baby gift. I knew I wanted to order this blanket...But, WOW have things changed. The new site, new stuff, new designs it all looks great! Glad to see you are still doing well. AND can't wait to get the blanket!

Reviewed by Carolyn , 03/01/2010

What a wonderful gift! We got one when our daughter was born. We loved the gift and found out very quickly how attached she would become to this blanket. I am ordering one now for my newest nephew with great confidence that they will also end up loving it more than words can express.

Reviewed by Kate , 02/09/2010

Love IT! It is just perfect!! Thank you Alison for sharing your talent with the World!

Reviewed by TG , 01/08/2010

Our soon-to-be 10-year-old just adores you, as you made his “Blank”. She, (Blankee), has slept with him every night since we received it when he was just a couple of weeks old from my husband's co-workers. Blankee is amazingly still in one piece - yet nearly threadbare. We are preparing for the day when the blanket may acquire a tear…

Reviewed by Cheryl , 12/31/2009

Alison, Hope you have the best year ever! Happy deserve it!

Reviewed by KC , 12/07/2009

I received your blankets as gifts for my two youngest children and love them. They were given to us by my husbands employer. They will be lifelong keepsakes. And they have been my gift of choice for any employee who works for us at Freight Capital!

Reviewed by Leslie , 11/17/2009

Thank you so much for sending these wonderful pictures!!! They both look amazing and I can hardly wait for them to arrive :)

Reviewed by Dave , 10/30/2009

I hope you know just how much your work is appreciated. My wife and I have been giving these blankets, to all the new babies in our lives, for years. We always hear how much the blankets mean to parents and we can see how much the blankets have been loved by the children years later.

Reviewed by Patty , 10/17/2009

Dear Allison, Thank You Again for taking such good care of me. Your blankets make such a beautiful & cherished gift>

Reviewed by Lauren , 10/15/2009

Thanks Alison - Sounds good to me! I must tell you I received one of your blankets 8 years ago for my son Josh (and then one for my daugher Sophie). We still have them - they are one of the only baby things I have saved and I still order one for every friend of mine who has a baby. I LOVE them!

Reviewed by Rosie , 10/08/2009

We got one of these blankets from my employer when my son was born. He can't sleep without it! We now give this to every new baby in our lives. It is so nice to give a gift that you know people will always appreciate.

Reviewed by Ted , 09/02/2009

I've been meaning to write a review for these blankets for awhile. These make the BEST baby gift! I have given them for over 8 years and always get such a remarkable response from the lucky new parents. Thank you for making giving a great baby gift simple.

Reviewed by Jocelyn J, 08/13/2009

As you know, I have now brought the "blanket" tradition to four companies and everytime I introduce it, it's a huge hit. We just started it here at GPD and I have gotten calls from every one of the employees thanking us for such a special, useful, and wonderful keepsake. Your quality is top notch and I love the response I get! Thanks again!

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