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Personalized Burp Cloth Set

Size: Set of Two, 14" x 20"
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All Personalized Baby Gifts are Created & Shipped in 10 Business Days or Less (rush orders available upon request). 

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Personalized Burp Cloths. 100% Cotton Heavy Duty Diaper Service Quality Diapers - Used as Burp Cloths. Two white nappies that you can personalize however you please. Each fluffy diaper measures 12" x 15".

 Each nappy is personalized with baby's name embroidered below the designs of your choice.

Design: Select 2 Designs from the "See All Designs" Page.

Lettering: Select Color, Style and Case.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Missy , 02/21/2011

These burp cloths were so special to my children. We have gotten rid of almost all of their baby things but, plan to hold on to these forever. Thank you!

Reviewed by Helen , 01/12/2011

These are simply THE BEST baby gift! I received a set as a gift and then ordered another set because they are my favorite and now I give them to everybody I know who has a baby!

Reviewed by Terri , 12/15/2010

Thank you, this is lovely! I have ordered quite a few for my friends and they all love them. I received a set of these burp cloths after the birth of my first child and fell in love with them. I will be ordering another set very soon as I have a friend who is due with her third child in the next month.

Thank you again for such a beautiful gift.

Reviewed by Sarah , 11/03/2010

I just had to write to tell you how wonderful these burp cloths are. We received 2 sets as a gift 4 years ago when our first twins were born. Such a lovely presentation and so crisp and clean. However, once I broke down and actually used them- they just got better. NOW, I received 2 more sets for our second set of twins born in Sept. and I find myself wanting to "save" the new ones and just use the old ones- that are just perfect in a completely different way.
Alison, you obviously know exactly what I am trying to say. Keep up the wonderful work you do. You do it beautifully!

Reviewed by Kara , 08/23/2010

These are simply the BEST burp cloths available! I received a set 10 years ago when my first son was born. I've used others and seen hundreds of others but, nothing compares to the quality of these burp cloths and the superior embroidery that babyobaby provides. Don't bother with the rest go right to the best!

Reviewed by Mary , 07/08/2010

I love to give these and my friends and family love to get them. Super soft and super special. Thanks Allison!

Reviewed by Audrey , 05/18/2010

Alison, When we first got our set of burp cloths, we didn't want to ever use them. My husband wanted to frame them! We finally broke down and brought them "out" with us to a rather special event. I have to tell you how special I felt to actually be using them...and we got such lovely compliments on your work. Now that they have been used and washed...I love them even more. Thank you SO MUCH for such a wonderful product. I know that you absolutely GET IT!

Reviewed by Nettie , 04/05/2010

Alison, I haven't needed a baby gift for years. I was SO happy to see that you are still in business. I love the new website and thrilled to see you still have all the old favorites! Best Wishes, Nettie

Reviewed by Anne , 03/23/2010

Alison, I just got a thank you note from the triplet's mom saying "Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!". I think they really liked the gift ;o)

Reviewed by Sharrie , 03/15/2010

These burp cloths are absolutely the best! Pretty AND usefull and they make you feel just oh-so-special. Thanks...we loved the set you made for use and now are happy to give them to our friends and family who are having babies.

Reviewed by May , 03/02/2010

I just ordered another set of burp cloths and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy creating them. I get to "design" the burp cloths and then you do the work. I always am excited to get the picture of the finished product. Such fun!

Reviewed by Hannah , 02/20/2010

We just love these burp cloths! My son received a set when he was born and now we give them to every new baby we know. They are such a special gift! Thank You.

Reviewed by Mandi , 02/08/2010

Thanks Alison. They look great! I always love to get your email with the finished gift picture. You must have a lot of fun with this business.

Reviewed by Sharla , 01/15/2010

I give these to everyone I know (who have babies)! They make the best gift and are always truly cherrished.

Reviewed by Gina , 01/07/2010

We have been giving these burp cloths since we received a set as a gift 12 years ago. My friends and family expect to get them and what a joy it is to give them. Thank YOU Alison!

Reviewed by Marla , 11/12/2009

I just love your work. Thank you for sharing your talent.

Reviewed by Kirstin , 11/05/2009

Alison, They look fantastic - thanks so much! You came highly recommended and I can see why.

Reviewed by Karen , 10/22/2009

These custom burp cloths make the BEST gift! They are fun to help create...and they are always so graciously received.

Reviewed by Arlene , 10/06/2009

Hi Alison, I asked a friend at work after she had her first baby, "What was your favorite baby gift?" and she said babyobaby burp cloths. On her suggestion, I ordered a set for my cousin who sent the nicest thank you note I have ever received. I can't wait to give a set to the next new baby in my life.

Reviewed by Emma , 09/22/2009

Thank you Alison for making such beautiful and useful gifts for babies. I received a set a of your burp cloths when my daughter was born. I remember how special I felt when we went out and I'd use one of your burp cloths. I know you understand exactly what I"m saying. I always send a set to anyone I know who has just had a baby. It really is the little things in life that mean the most.

Reviewed by Sheri , 09/05/2009

Hi Alison- I received the burp cloths yesterday and wanted to tell you how much I love them! The workmanship is excellent and I loved all the choices you offered when ordering! There were so many designs and colors to choose from! It will make a very special gift for our family member's new baby!

Reviewed by Nancy , 08/14/2009

We received a set of these from a neighbor and absolutely love them. My husband wanted to frame them. It took us awhile to break down to actually use them because they are just so pretty. But, I'm glad we did. Once they were washed they were even softer and fluffier and became more so with each wash. I can't wait to give these to my sister who is expecting in February.

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